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Smart Blood Pressure Bracelet

High blood pressure is the second biggest cause of premature death in the world – but it is AVOIDABLE.

High blood pressure (hypertension) can quietly damage your body for years before symptoms develop. Left uncontrolled, you may wind up with a disability, a poor quality of life or even a fatal heart attack. Roughly half the people with untreated hypertension die of heart disease related to poor blood flow (ischemic heart disease) and another third die of stroke.

Monitoring your own blood pressure at home is so important, it is now recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Society of Hypertension (BISH), and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA)

In the past, blood pressure has been difficult to monitor, because you needed large bulky machines, which were vastly expensive to buy and even more difficult to use.

Luckily for you, breakthrough technology means today, you can keep track of your blood pressure with style.

New portable blood pressure smart devices can be worn on your wrist, so that you can easily keep track of your blood pressure readings throughout the day.

It’s discreet, stylish bracelet like design means you can wear it anywhere. - and you can make sure you aren’t suffering from episodic high (or low) blood pressure - at any time!

The technology powering this device enables remarkably accuracy, to give you relevant readings in just 30 seconds. And on top of a life saving device, it’s packed full of tons of great features (putting it miles ahead of any other health gadget, including the FitBit).


- Blood Pressure Monitor
- Heart Rate Monitor
- Blood Oxygen Monitor
- Step Counter
- Calorie Counter
- Distance Tracker
- Sleep Monitor
- Waterproof
- Easy 'One Touch' Screen
- Alram
- Daily Reminders
- Connect to Phone/Tablet

Don’t continue to take chances with your blood pressure, or leave it to the hands of fate.

Buy a smart blood pressure bracelet today - and don't miss your chance to live a longer and healthier life.

Blood Pressure Bracelet

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